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Murals are a skillful attempt at illusion. They expand our horizons and have the ability to transport us to another time and place. In their simplest form, murals are a decorative work for a specific area to expand the space we live in and the common wall provides muralists, hobbyists and artists alike the canvas needed to create illusion, beauty and delight on a grand scale.

Whether you are in search for the perfect mural or muralist or simply long to know more about this deeply rooted artform, here are a collection of interesting facts about murals and their makers and how they’ve shaped our history and world.

5 Interesting Facts about Murals and their Makers

1. Murals have largely been inspired by 6 main topics:

a. religion
b. the four season (spring, summer, fall & winter)
c. historical events
d. ages of man
e. politics
f. social issues

2. 1933 Mural Program Instituted By President Roosevelt In 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt initiated a mural program for out-of-work artists under the American New Deal. It was a remarkable act of patronage that enabled artists involved to earn a small wage and helped reduce the devastating effects of the Depression. The program was called the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The murals made art accessible to people and it commissioned local artists to paint public buildings.

3. Ceilings are the Toughest Task Physically A ceiling is by far the hardest physical task for a muralist. It takes a lot of energy to stand for hours with an outstretched arm above the head and still maintain accuracy and attention to detail. But have no fear…muralists are masters of this uncomfortable task and make it look easy as their work (if their any good) is never compromised.

4. Major Work of Art or Purely Decoration? Costs of murals depend on the amount of talent and fame held by the muralist. People have been known to spend anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars on a mural. The price partly depends on the size of the wall, how long it takes to complete and the complexity of the design.

5. The Past Inspires the Future Muralists today look towards the past for inspiration, especially towards France and Italy. And why wouldn’t they? They can study the grandeur and excesses of the Boroque and the frescoes of Giambattista Tiepolo, created for palaces, churches and villas.

Fascinating and rich with history, murals are as interesting as their creators. Muralists are multifaceted, skilled painters who are versatile in their ability to paint on various surfaces with great skill and attention to detail. They are eager to tackle any style of architecture and any size room or wall that needs to be transformed.

Muralists are fascinating creatures who have big shoes to fill since Italian masters like Michelangelo, Veronese and Teipolo set the standard centuries ago for which murals and muralists are still measured by today.

In the event that you are looking for a custom mural service, make sure to search the internet thoroughly.


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